Joshua Zirschky is a freelance photographer whose vision is to bear witness to that of the human condition.  Focusing on issues encompassing the global theater, Zirschky has worked on photographic stories throughout Africa, Middle East, South America, South East Asia, Europe and the United States. Zirschky has worked alongside the United Nations, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, African Leadership Partners, The Dominion Trading Co., and The Near East Foundation.  Each relating to foreign affairs, relief and development issues.

Joshua Zirschky is available for national and international work be that Reportage, News, Commercial, Advertising, Fashion, and Portraits.  Please contact for project inquires, prints, and book sales.

-Photo Assistant for Commercial Photographer Rafael Astorga studios. 2015
-Published in Adbusters magazine  issue #123. December 2015.
-Photographer for book project ‘LIBRE SOY’ Stories from Guatemala. 2015
-Photographer on book project Brother/Sister ‘Stories of transformation in Vietnam and Cambodia’. 2013
-Winner of Photographers Forum/Sigma best of photo contest. 2012
-Participant in the NW Biennial at the Tacoma Art Museum. 2012
-Published photographs: National Fisherman Magazine, October 2010 and March 2011.
-Published photographs: Pacific Fishing Magazine, September. 2010
-Assistant to Editorial Photographer Spencer Gordon. New York, NY 2009
-Assistant to fashion Photographer Klynt Haas. New York, NY 2009
-Photographer for Habitat for Humanity. 2008
-Photographer for the Near East Foundation. Relief and development work throughout Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. 2008-2009
-Volunteer lab technician and assistant to professor’s within the International Center of Photography. 2009
-Photographed United Nations “International Summit Meeting”. New York, NY 2008
-Freelance photojournalism for Times Ledger Newspaper. Queens, NY, 2008
-Volunteer photographer and relief work in southern Mexico working with refugees. Mexico, 2006
-Published in AMERICAN PHOTO ON CAMPUS: Outstanding Student Portfolio. 2006
-Photographer with The Dominion Trading Company, photographing tribal economic redevelopment issues. Ethiopia, 2002
-Photographer for African Leadership Partners. Swaziland, 2002
-Volunteer Photographer for the American Red Cross. San Francisco, CA, 2002

-Photojournalist, Queens, NY, 9/08 – 12/2009
-Photographing daily news stories, political conferences, people and their lives throughout the community of Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. NY

Photojournalist, New York, NY 2009 -Photographic reportage throughout the community of Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. New York, NY

-Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
-Bachelor of Arts in Photography
-Graduation May 2006
-Focus on 35MM, medium and large formats and digital processes
-Thorough knowledge and experience in journalistic documentary, architecture and studio mediums
-Knowledge of wet labs and digital darkroom, videography and journalism.

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